With the advent of the internet the opportunities for who and where we recieve therapy from have broadened. No longer is therapy required to be done by two people sitting in a room together. Nor is someone limited to the therapists available to them in the local area or region in which they live.

The internet has given us a broadening of our resources and therefore wider choice over our options. Slowly the therapeutic community is opening up to these changes. On line counselling via SKYPE can enable therapy to take place which previously was not possible. This is very useful when specialised support is offered or specific areas of specialism are otherwise not available locally.

I recieve many enquiries from across the UK and from people seeking specialist advise due to my background in drug treatment and spiritual seeking or growth.

SKYPE and online counselling are as effective as face to face counselling. In the same manner that one can have sensitive and meaningful communications via telephone, likewise SKYPE and on line therapy are the same, but with the added bonus of visual connection.

For consultancy and therapeutic enquiries individual sessions via SKYPE can be pre booked. Similarly for on line therapy and counselling via SKYPE sessions will need to be arranged and pre booked after an on line assessment has been completed. For all initial enquiries please either e mail  or telephone and arrange for an initial discussion.